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Get out there & explore

Call Roof Box a go go & roadtrip like a pro!


No more cramped backseats, essentials that don’t make the cut due to space, dirty trunks, or the dreaded “Lap-Bag”. Add a ton of extra space, isolate messy gear, bring the kitchen sink and do it in style! Roadtrip like a PRO!

As easy as 1-2-3!


Check availability on your trip dates.


Coordinate, Pick-up, Drop-Off or Installation.


Hit the Road, with one less worry!

Rental Costs

The “Long-Weekender”

Under 7 Days – $50 Total

Just the right fit for your short escapes! Whether it’s a spontaneous road trip or a planned getaway, you’ll have your essentials organized and ready for adventure.

The Excursion

7-13 Days – $75 Total

Itching for a longer journey? The Excursion provides the extra time you need for those week+ long adventures. Pack up and hit the road with confidence, knowing everything you need is right at your fingertips.

The Expedition

14-20 Days – $95 Total

Gear up for an extended expedition! With ample time, The Expedition is your go-to option for explorations lasting two weeks+. From camping gear to luggage, you’ll be well-prepared for whatever the journey brings.

The Odyssey

21 Days+ – $110+ (When Available)

Designed for the longest of journeys, The Odyssey gives you room to roam, change course, extend stays, add destinations and then some. Final cost on this level is calculated based on the actual number of days and availability of equipment. 

What is

Roof Box a go go?

Let me introduce myself, I’m Kaleb, I’m a husband, father, creative director & avid road tripper. If there isn’t an ocean, wild-fire, or blockade between me and my destination, 10/10 times, I’m loading up the car with my wife and kiddos and hitting the road.

Enjoying the journey across all these fifty states has been a blessing and I want nothing more than to help you enjoy the open road just as I have. 

Adding a cargo box to my roadtrip must haves was an absolute game changer & these days I won’t travel any other way. What started as a way to help friends and neighbors travel in style, has blossomed into this: A handful of roadtrips essentials, and a simple mission; give others an affordable solution for game-changing road trip gear.

More Info

First time Roof-Boxer? Looking for some more information? Just kicking tires? Learn more about the process, the pricing, etc.

Ready to Reserve?

Spring Summer & Fall seasons fill up fast. As soon as you know your rental dates, get in touch and we can get your trip reserved!

Tales from the Trail

My wife and I married during the height of covid.  This impacted our honeymoon in a big way. We decided, given the circumstances, that a road trip was the best option for fully enjoying our time together. My trusty Volkswagen GTI was the most reliable vehicle for the trip, and being a seasoned road tripper, I knew, three weeks worth of gear and goodies, along with some creature comforts in my little hatchback was going to be a squeeze. 

Enter RoofBoxAGoGo! We were able to keep almost all of our gear in the giant roof box so our snacks and essentials could ride along with us in the car. We could spread out at our leisure for the long driving legs, unpack the gear from up top, and all of our essentials stayed nice and neat and close by.

Two words: “GAME-CHANGER”!


23 Days – 5,700mi


November 17, 2020


St. Louis, MO to Las Vegas, NV

“Gear up to make one more stop, stay one more day, make one more memory.”

From our family to yours: Enjoy the journey, that’s where the memories are made.